Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a convenient and efficient way to heat your home. Using hot water piped underfloor heating is a form of central heating.

Northland Plumbing & Gas underfloor heating services include:

  • New residential hot water underfloor heating
  • Underfloor heating for commercial and industrial projects
  • Efficient water underfloor heating systems customised to your new build
  • End to end plumbing services, including installation and certification of warm water underfloor heating systems

The heat warms an entire home or building evenly and economically from the floor up. Hot water underfloor heating systems are more efficient than other methods of home heating because, water heats up around four times faster than air alone.

The latest home heating solutions are far more advanced than traditional standard wood burner or hot water radiator heating systems. Such traditional hot water systems are used to heat one or two rooms of a building. Whereas underfloor central heating heats your whole home. Underfloor heating is also not visible, so it does not affect the aesthetics in the way that radiator heaters and heat pumps do.

Northland Plumbing, Gas & Drainage provide customised, hot water underfloor central heating on time and on budget for all new residential or commercial builds. We can deliver the best underfloor heating solutions for your situation. We can design, supply and execute your entire underfloor heating project from start to finish.

Talk to our friendly team as soon as possible in the planning stages of your building. We will give you the best advice so you can get the most value from your underfloor heating system.

Call today for sound advice on the best underfloor heating solution for you or enquire online.

Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump for Underfloor Heating

Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Heat Pumps are total home heating solutions that cover all of your hot water needs as well as super energy efficient underfloor room heating – all through the one system.

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