Underfloor Heating

Home heating solutions have come a long way from the standard wood burner or radiator heaters used to heat one or two rooms of a building.

Water-piped underfloor heating is a form of central heating that warms an entire home or building evenly and economically, offering comfort by warming the floor first. As water heats at up to four times the rate of heating air alone, hot water underfloor heating systems are more efficient than more traditional methods of heating. Underfloor heating is invisible, meaning your heating system will not impact on the aesthetics of your home like radiator heaters and wall mounted heat pumps can.

Northland Plumbing & Gas offers warm water underfloor central heating customised to your requirements for your new residential or commercial build. Our central heating technicians are full qualified and deliver your heating on time and on budget, to keep your new build project running smoothly.

Northland Plumbing & Gas underfloor heating services include:

  • New residential home water underfloor heating
  • Underfloor heating for commercial and industrial projects
  • Efficient water underfloor heating systems customised to your new build
  • End to end plumbing services, including installation and certification of warm water underfloor heating systems
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